glass ranges

how we use different processes to produce stunning solutions for any application

 our glass processes

From wall panels, to sculptures, splashbacks, lighting features and screens. We can create bespoke glass art features for all applications. 


Kiln-formed glass

Kiln-formed or ‘fused’ glass is the process of layering up coloured sheet and other decorative coloured glass elements and heating them in a kiln to a temperature where the layers combine. In practice, this gives us almost limitless possibilities to create unique designs, beautiful fusions of colour and some fascinating surface textures. 

Suitable for: wall panels, wall sculptures, lit features, kitchen splashbacks.


Kiln-formed & toughened glass

For architectural elements or where safety glass is required, we can create glass art features using toughened or laminated glass as a base canvas and bond kiln-formed fused glass components to its surface using an optically clear resin. 

Suitable for: screens, dividers, lit features, skylights, wall panels, shower screens

textured float glass

 This exciting process offers a myriad of possibilities as both decorative glass whilst also performing an architectural function. By heating sheet glass over pre-formed moulds we can create sumptuous textures, designs and patterns that are incredibly tactile. We can produce strong geometric designs or fluid organic forms and also accurately incorporate lettering, company logos and imagery too.

Suitable for: wall panels, screens, dividers, door panels


sandblasted glass with colour

  By sandblasting into the glass surface we can produce an array of different effects, whether it be a flowing organic abstract composition or one full of geometric shapes. Once sandblasted we then have the option of pushing colour into the design. An ideal application for where safety glass is required.

Suitable for: screens, dividers, windows, door panels, wall panels