A recent commission challenged us to design some window features for a Huf Haus, a pre-fabricated home that’s focus is glass, light and space. A Huf Haus is a perfect setting to present glass art because of the high levels of natural light. Our client wanted to introduce a series of naturally back-lit coloured windows, set in front of existing glazing where the light would change throughout the day and thus the colours of the glass would alter to.

This is in effect a modern take on leaded panels but comes with a number of advantages of the more traditional technique. We can create an almost infinite number of designs and colours by overlapping and ‘fusing’ different glass tones together. Whilst we could recreate the ‘lead’ effect if required, a fused panel can be just an unobstructed work of art, a seamless flow of colour.  Practically, the 6mm thickness of fused glass is double that of a leaded panel so you also have greater thermal properties and as a single glass piece, it will not deteriorate structurally over time.

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